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Collections of Paintings e-legance Art

Modern Contemporary ART

E-legance Art exhibits different artists, some oriented "digital", other more "traditional" or be painters, and other Designer Art "artist" or "musician".

The trend in recent years is: the Art Digital art shown Illustrator, art retouched on photoshop, art layout on InDesign document does not include any Adobe CS6 to define the digital ART.

Hervé, a founder of e-legance Art is just an artist expert in these methods. After more than 15 years with the greatest "Jacques Séguéla, Eric Xuan Thong" within agencies understand the most prestigious. He lets himself be convinced by the day. Com! On his release he Gobelins his talent in an artistic mode visual display, magazine, TV spots ... Subsequently, a passion for design, the DA propelled a department store decoration.

Now he can devote himself to the creation of works of art. Its varied designs, always original, are printed on quality media. plexiglass, the Altuglass or a combination of both qualitative and materials are unchanging in time. You will understand, beautiful creations and support provide a modern and luxurious made ​​special "and unique trend."

We also offer more traditional performing artists paint on canvas. You will discover arts artists, designers, photographers ...

The themes of the collections are varied, depending on the artist or their origin. Painters may be French, Paris or Nice, but also Swiss, Belgian, Italian ... Or even come from another continent, Asia, Africa or Latin America will give a taste of adventure to your many visits to the site ...

All the arts are in nature, landscape, construction or human beauty ....