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Created by a team of enthusiasts aged 20 to 50 years, graduates of higher studies and Art School (University and School of Business, Goblins and fine arts and music conservatory) e-legance Art is a cluster of Art and Artist on the Internet to search for work and the linking of online and consultants. With accounts on various social network sites said RSN, such as Facebook, Linked In, Viadeo, Twitter, A small World, Google +. conssommateur the Internet can also be e-actor network legance Art. It may thus be part of testimauniaux inserts, blogger, comment, and resell find works of art.

Artistic Axes are collections of paintings, creating custom decorating, modern renovation (fresco, trompe l'oeil) or ancient (heating, carpentry, stained glass, rénauvation work of art).

Also a network of globe trotters Art research has developed, artists, designers and professional renovators, recognized and qualified, are attached. In addition to benefit from a choice of works and intercontinental advice speed 2.0, users can be linked with a modern artist to design a unique and bespoke.

Once a work marked on one of the five continents, you can move with the advice or entrust the mission to get it for you.

Enter E-legance in Art and let your wishes come true.

Legend: The table legs (below) is part of a collection, the Place Vendôme was custom made for a client, it is unique decor entitled "The Kiss" is comprised of band suspended for a dimension of 6 m long, it is unique and arranged in an arc in a Parisian neighborhood establishment Montorgueiul.

exemple de réalisation